What to expect at your first appointment  

Scheduling your appointment:
When calling for your appointment our office staff will collect as much information as possible regarding your orthotic/prosthetic needs in order to ensure sufficient appointment time for scheduling. Information we will need includes name, address, phone number, and if available we will need prescription information including the referring physician, diagnosis, and device prescribed. We will also ask for your insurance company name(s). We will then try our best to find an appointment time that works with your schedule.

Checking In:
When checking in at your first appointment we will offer you a copy of our privacy practices and our Medicare supplier standards. We may also ask for further patient information if needed. You will then be seated in the patient waiting area or a patient room while the practitioner is notified of your arrival.

In order to provide you with the most accurate coverage information we request you to bring the following items:

1. Insurance card(s)

2. Prescription

Patient evaluation:
You will be seen by one of our practitioners who will thoroughly evaluate you and gather the information needed in order to provide the proper treatment as prescribed by your physician.  If a prescription is not available, we will contact your physician to see about obtaining one for you. Depending on the device prescribed and insurance coverage we may be able to supply you with the device immediately or you may need to return at a later day to be fit with the device in order to ensure proper fit and coverage.

If the device prescribed is a custom device the practitioner may obtain measurements in one of 3 ways:

1. Measurements are taken by using a tape measure or other measuring devices.
2. Use of a 3-D scanning device that will capture an image and all of the measurements needed to have the device fabricated.
3. They may take a mold/casting of your extremity using a casting material either a plaster of Paris bandage or a scotch cast bandage. They will first mark any areas that are important in locating in the final mold such as bony prominences. The bandage will then be applied around the extremity and will take a couple minutes to harden. After the cast has hardened it will be carefully be removed the practitioner will then remove any materials left on the extremity from the cast. This cast/mold will then be used to fabricate the device prescribed for you.

Exiting your appointment:
After your evaluation is complete and all measurements are taken you will be instructed on follow up appointments if needed and a follow-up may be scheduled on this day if necessary.

If you have questions or concerns prior to your appointment we urge you to write these questions down to insure all of your questions are answered.

Following your appointment if you have questions or concerns please contact your practitioner.